It all started when...

  I grew up in South Georgia, a military brat....but not really.  My father was retired by the time I was born so I never had to move around, thus I never considered myself a true blue military brat.  As a youngster I wanted to be a fighter pilot just like my father.  I was fascinated by the planes, gear and prestige.  Grade school was filled with sports, shooting, hunting, fishing, camping and the likes.  I always believed myself destined to be a brave frontier man and a warrior.   When you come from a long line of military men you tend to expect yourself to follow in the footsteps of patriots! 

      I’ve always loved the rugged outdoors and the feeling of being a natural survivor.  And, since I was old enough to remember my life has been filled with all sorts of adventures and excursions.  From back packing around Ireland to jumping out of airplanes as an Infantryman in the US Army I've enjoyed life.  From ice climbing in the Northwest to deer hunting in the southeast I've enjoyed life.  From working part time as an armorer in the Army to mentoring our youth as a teacher I've enjoyed life.  From deep sea fishing in the Atlantic to camping on the coast of the Pacific I've enjoyed life.

      And, on all these adventures one of my favorite things was using specialized equipment.  There's just something about using a tangible object to the best of my ability in order to push the limits of the adventure I am on.   Sometimes it's a necessity and sometimes it's for fun.  And, sometimes it's to potentially save a life.   Over the years I have developed a special set of skills that allow me to modify and customize all sorts of guns, weapons, and outdoor equipment.  

      Weapon modifying (and outdoor equipment modifying) has always been a passion of mine.  And, now that I'm a little bit older, and a little bit more broken down (from an Army parachuting accident) I've decided to open my expertise up to the public.  I won't go into great detail about Sublime Modification's services in this section.  I'd rather finish with a few words about the business.  You can read more about services in the services section.

      I have a lifetime of experience with weapon and equipment modifications, but also of great importance is the feeling of duty and respect I have towards my customers.  My main goal is to provide people with professional services that help them enjoy their lives as much as I do.  Whether it is shooting, hunting, self-defense, hiking, camping, fishing, or military applications I want to help!  My promise and my guarantee is that you will receive the best customer service possible when you come into my shop!  I service lots of guns for the military instillation and police departments in my area and all of them will attest to the superb service and satisfaction they receive at SUBLIME MODIFICATIONS!!!  

please come see us at

3835 orchard way, valdosta, ga 31605

or contact us at 229-251-9585 or submods7@gmail.com

thank you,

Russell Woske, Owner and Operator

Sublime modifications, certified cerakote applicator

valdosta’s only cerakote applicator and the south ga’s and north fl’s premiere certified cerakote applicator!!!