Barrel Riffling

Barrel Riffling

(Rifled) barrel break-in procedures

-->  EVERY firearm that has a RIFLED barrel (rifle, pistol, slug-barreled shotgun) should under go a break in procedure.!!!!!!!  If you want your firearm to have the utmost accuracy the starting point is having a break in procedure performed on the firearm before you put the first bullet through it.  Think of it this way.  Whenever you go buy a brand new vehicle, whether it is a car, atv, or motorcycle, the factory that produced the vehicle always HIGHLY recommends that you "break" the vehicle in so that all of the metal pieces form smooth cohesive bonds.  It's the same concept with a firearm.  Whenever a firearm is produced there are tiny little imperfections in the metal, specifically the internal part of the barrel.  And, although the barrel has been calibrated to the right specs, depending on the caliber, the surface is very rigid and rough.  Breaking in the firearm when it is new allows its parts to form with little to no distortion.  For a firearm, breaking it in allows the barrel to slowly form a smooth, tight, and flowing surface for the bullet to glide on with little to no deviation in trajectory due to bullet wobble from an uneven internal barrel surface.  IMPROVED CONSISTENCY EQUALS IMPROVED ACCURACY and IMPROVED ACCURACY EQUALS PRECISION!!! 

-->  Let us break in your rifle, and become a better marksman simply by servicing your firearm

-->  Every break-in procedure receives a cleaning after the break-in procedure is performed.

Scope Sighting

-->  Whether you have no idea how to sight in an optic, don't have time, or just don't want to WE CAN HELP.  As an Expert Marksman, a Squad designated Marksman, and a Sniper Rifle and Optics tester in the US Army I have the skills to sight in ANY optic that you may bring to us. 

-->  Every firearm that is brought in for a sighting procedure is taken to the range and zeroed in on a range pod.  The optic will be sighted in based on the yardage that you request it to be sighted in to.  A laser bore sight can be helpful when mounting a new optic but, it's validity does not measure up to actually going out and shooting the firearm and dialing in the optic.   

Trijicon Rifle Scope and a slant mounted RMR

Trijicon Rifle Scope and a slant mounted RMR

An awesome looking Jack 300 Blackout we customized for one of our regular customers!!!

An awesome looking Jack 300 Blackout we customized for one of our regular customers!!!


—> WE ARE the only business in Valdosta that applies Cerakote AND WE ARE South Georgia’s and North Florida’s PREMIERE CERTIFIED CERAKOTE APPLICATOR!

—> CERAKOTE is a revolutionary thin protective ceramic film that can be applied to almost any surfaces.

—> CERAKOTE Inc. offers a variety of coatings for nearly any application in which you are looking for corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, UV stability, durability/hardness, temperature stability, etc….

—> We pride ourselves on being very patient when we CERAKOTE something.  We treat every item as it is our own!  So, get your reservation made as soon as you decide to let us revolutionize the protection and the look of whatever item you are looking to protect!

—>  Although we do recommend flat/matte earth tone colors we can CERAKOTE your item in any color(s) you want!!! We also offer a variety of different designs and patterns we can create for you, as well!

(ASK about specialty CERAKOTE films, such as the ELITE series, which is the pinnacle of performance! And, CERAKOTE CLEARS. Cerakote Clears coats can be applied to Aluminum, Electrical Barriers, Engine parts, Pistons, Metals, Hydrographics, Composites, Fiberglass, Plastics, and PVD!)